What is The Turing Test? Simple Explanation with Examples

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The Turing test is one of the most important questions in AI. Alan Turning was a British Mathematician who proposed the test in a paper “Computing Machinery and Intelligence” while working with the University of Manchester in 1950. Turing Test was first called an “Imitation Game”. The Turing Test started with the question that “Can Machine Think?”.

How The Turing Test can be conducted?

Turing Test can be conducted in a room where a person and a computer put inside a room and a judge ask questions from both of them. We can only conduct Turing Test in written form. The Judge has to decide which answers are coming from the computer. If the judge cannot decide which one is computer by the quality of the answers then that machine won the Test.

The Turing Test

It is still a topic of debate. Some Scientist say that \”Intelligence is not just answering some random questions so we cannot call machine as Intelligent. Because there are some other factors of intelligence\”. This doubt gave birth to the \”Chinese Room Experiment\”.

What is Chinese Room Experiment

An American Philosopher John Searle published an article in \”Minds, Brains, and Programs\” 1980. Searle said computer just processes the symbols according to the rules it has been taught. further said that I imagine myself in a room where responding to Chinese symbols with the help of a computer program, which were gave him by sliding the piece of paper under the door while he didn\’t understood a single word. He said that Computers do the same, they just give appropriate Chinese symbols back according to the rule book it has. He does not understand what that actually mean, that is why we cannot say that machine is intelligent. Computers may make us believe that they can understand languages but could not produce real understanding.

The turing test example

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