How to Create a bootable USB with CMD using Windows

by | Mar 19, 2020 | Computers

Making bootable USB has become the only way to install windows into your system. Hello there, welcome to our website! in this post, I going to show you how to create a bootable USB with cmd. Although there are tons of software that can create USB bootable. But when your PC doesn’t boot up and you borrow your friend’s computer than searching for “USB bootable making” software can be annoying. Especially when you are trying to find a crack version.

If you are into computers you must know how hard it is to find a cracked version of software among those heavily advertised web pages. And If you are a Pakistani, You might lack Internet sometimes then this method could be your life saver for you. Because this method will work no matter which version of Windows your friend’s PC is running on. This will work on all version on windows, so lets get started.


  • Minimum 4 GB USB.
  • Windows RAW files (ISO Extracted or files directly copied from CD/DVD).
  • A working Computer

You can download the Windows ISO file and then extract the ISO file to follow along with this post. Now you can download the windows from Microsoft official website.

Step 1:

Insert your USB drive that you want to make bootable. Keep in mind that in this process your USB drive will be formatted. So make sure to back up important files from your USB drive.

Step 2:

Open up your Start Menu and Search for “CMD”. Right Click on CMD and click “Run as Administration”. Windows will seek for the Administrator’s permission, allow the permission by clicking on “yes”. This step is very important that you will be dealing with your storage devices. So be very careful and follow these steps very carefully. Or you might end up erasing your hard drive so be very careful.

bootable usb with cmd step 2

Step 3:

Type ‘diskpart’ and press Enter (This will open the windows inbuilt disk partition utility which is used to manage the storage on your computer).

bootable usb with cmd step 3

Step 4:

Type ‘list disk’ and press Enter. This will show all the storage devices that are connected right now to your computer. There would be 2 devices listed if only your USB is connected.

bootable usb with cmd step 4

Step 5:

Type ‘select disk #’ and press enter. Note # should be replaced with the number of your USB drive showing in CMD. In my case it is disk 1 (This step is very much sensitive so be very careful).

bootable usb with cmd step 5

Step 6:

Type ‘clean’ and hit enter. This step will remove the USB drive letter. And will disappear from your Drives List in “File Explorer”.

bootable usb with cmd step 6

Step 7:

Type ‘create partition primary’ and hit enter. This step will create a primary partition in your USB drive.

bootable usb with cmd step 7

Step 8:

Type ‘select partition 1’ and hit enter. This step will select the partition #1 that you’ve just created in above step.

bootable usb with cmd step 8

Step 9:

type ‘format=fs ntfs quick’ and hit enter. This step will perform a quick ntfs format to your USB drive.

bootable usb with cmd step 9

Step 10:

After completing the quick format.
type ‘active’ and hit enter. This will activate your USB and assign a Drive letter to it. After this step you will be able to see it in “file explorer” and this is the last step.

After completing this step close the CMD by typing ‘exit’ and hit enter twice to get rid of CMD.

bootable usb with cmd step 10

Step 11:

Now just simply copy all the files of Windows that you have to your USB drive as you usually do copy paste in your daily life.

bootable usb with cmd step 11

Step 12:

Congratulations! you have successfully created your bootable USB without getting any help from external third-party software.

How to boot from USB drive?

Now that you’ve create your USB drive bootable and if you don’t know how to boot from it. Don’t fear when we are here! Just follow the steps below and it will become a piece of cake for you.

Step 1:

Insert your USB stick to the computer that you want to install windows into.
Turn off the computer if it is already running,

Step 2:

Turn on your Machine and as soon as it shows the manufacturing company’s logo.
“If you have DELL system then press F12.
And if you have HP system then press F9.
If you have other systems and those both combinations are not working in you system. just simply press ESC to get the menu list. Find the button from the list where it says “one time boot menu” and press that button.
After that select and enter where it says “Boot from USB drive”.

Step 3:

Now you system will start loading windows files and you can continue with Windows installation as you normally do.

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