Unlocking the Secrets of Symmetric and Asymmetric Cryptography: A Comprehensive Guide for Secure Data Encryption

The concept of encryption is too old. The Kings used to encrypt their messages so that they were hidden from outsiders and could only be read by the person for whom they were written. So the same concept continues to this day. We use encryption to hide the original message from hackers. So even if a hacker manages to get our encrypted message, he does not know what the original message is

Everything you need to know about CSMA and what are CSMA CA and CSMA CD

CSMA stands for “Carrier-Sense Multiple Access”. It is a MAC “Media Access Control” Protocol which means that it does not require the internet to work. CSMA only needs a medium through which all the nodes can be connected to each other. If a node wants to send the signal to another node it first senses the medium through the “Carrier-Sense” mechanism. If the node senses traffic then it waits for the current transmission in progress to end.

What is TCP IP? How does TCP IP works?

TCP stands for Transmission Control Protocol. Just like humans, Computers also require language to communicate with each other.  TCP/IP is a common language which most of the modern computers share to communicate to each other. TCP/IP is the secure way of transferring the data over a network




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